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VDS operates as a system of related services placed behind the Visualization Edge Gateway Server (VEGS).  While many applications are hosted directly by a web server, correct functioning of the gateway services requires the VEGS gateway to be the only service bound to the port selected in the VDS Configuration Utility. This requirement is not typical of other services such as Hexagon Smart API Manager (SAM) or HxGN SDx services and can require a change to the setup environment.

Some IT environments might require that all traffic should take place on port 443. However, VDS cannot share port 443 between applications. This means that server configurations must take port requirements into account upon design and deployment of services.


While a number of network architectures can incorporate these requirements, the following solutions are available for environments containing multiple services:

  • Same Server Different Port (SSDP) - Accommodates multiple applications on one machine. One or more services can present their services on a port other than port 443. In this arrangement, for example, HxGN SDx and SAM applications can continue to share port 443 while VDS is configured to a different port.

  • Different Server Same Port (DSSP) - Allows VDS to be installed on a different system other than the one hosting services on port 443. This solution provides good server performance for a smooth user experience for these services. Also, some designs can be quite large. Dividing services to run on separate systems can ensure that each service has the computing resources required for design scalability.

  • Network Redirection - If a network environment requires the use of port 443 by all services, and the same server is tasked with hosting multiple services, it is possible to redirect traffic to different internal ports using software or dedicated hardware acting as a gateway for the system. Configuration of this gateway is outside the scope of this documentation.