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Reads the buffered blobs and loads geometry into memory. LoadGTypes must be the first module run as all other modules rely on the geometry being loaded. Geometry is stored in blobs in the database. When a graphic is retrieved from the database, the blob is read and put into a buffer for the graphic.

Custom Settings


Indicates whether to use the aspect number or aspect value. Depending on which API was used to generate the database geometry blobs, the aspect ID in the materials link section can be either an aspect number (0, 1, 2, 3, ...) or an aspect value (1, 2, 4, 8,,,). Set the default value true if aspect values are used, or set to false if numbers are used.


Indicates whether the buffered blob should be released after the geometry has been read. Typically set to true.


Indicates whether the loaded geometry is validated using the Math Kernel validation methods. If set to true, then only the geometries that pass the validation method are included. Typically set to true.


Indicates whether the module tracks how many graphics are processed and how long the processing takes. If set to true, the time it takes to process all graphics increases as metrics are taken.


Indicates whether the module reports any warnings it encounters. This includes unreadable buffered blobs and invalid geometry.


Specifies a folder to contain all invalid geometry for future analysis.