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  1. From the Start menu, right-click Visualization Data Service > VDS Configuration Utility and select the Run as Administrator option to start the VDS Configuration Utility.

  2. Click the Broker Settings page. The red asterisk (*) denotes all required settings.

  3. Enter the Broker Settings.

    The RabbitMQ settings of the VDS Application Server and the VDS Web Server must match.

  4. After editing the settings, click Save & Configure. This stops all services, and then creates and restarts the virtual directories and application pools with the updated settings.

  5. To verify that your VDS Web Server is set up, navigate to your server domain. In this example, the URL assumes SSL is set up on the server: https://[servername].[]/vds/3d/gds/v1/description

    You should see some basic json showing the OData.context.

  6. Continue on to Configure the VDS Web Server authorization.