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VDS includes configuration files for the components listed below. This section of the Help describes the settings available in each configuration file. We do not recommend manually editing these files if you are not familiar with a VDS system. Use the VDS Configuration Utility. You can contact customer support on the Smart Community for assistance.

  • HxGN 3D Graphics Data Service - Contains settings that control site connection and run the modules that make up the service.

  • HxGN 3D Graphics Data Service Web API - Serves as an integration layer between HxGN viewers such as the Graphics View Control and the 3D Graphic Data Service component in VDS.

  • Visualization Edge Gateway Service (VEGS) - Serves as the single ingress point for all external applications and acts as a reverse proxy for all VDS components such as 3D GDS and 3D file service. This API gateway mediates between clients and services. The configuration files provide detailed configuration of the gateway functions.