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For the 3D File Service to access model files on the server file share, follow the steps below to add the .archive extension to the IIS MIME type definitions on your VDS Web Server system.

  • MIME types configured using the following procedure apply to all web applications, not just Hexagon software. Configure MIME types for only those file extensions that you want web applications to download and open.

  • Set MIME types at the web site level, not the server level.

  1. On the VDS Web Sever server, open the IIS Manager.

  2. In the tree view, select the site for which you need to define MIME types, and then double-click MIME Types in the Features View window.

    SHARED Tip If the Features View window is not visible, right-click the site in the tree view and select the Switch to Features View command.

  3. If you do not see .archive in the file extension list, select Add in the Actions window.

  4. In the Add MIME Type dialog:

    1. Type the .archive file extension in the File name extension box.

    2. Type application/octet-stream in the MIME type box for .archive file types.

    SHARED Tip For more information about choosing the correct MIME type for a file type, refer to the Microsoft documentation.

  5. Click OK to save the .archive MIME type.