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The Visualization Edge Gateway Service is the single ingress point for all external applications and acts as a reverse proxy for all VDS components such as 3D GDS and the 3D File Service. This API gateway mediates between clients and services. Client requests are sent to this gateway and the gateway forwards them to the appropriate services. This allows these services to avoid being exposed publicly, which provides more transparent scaling and improved security.

At startup, the Visualization Edge Gateway Service looks for its configuration files, GatewayService.json and vizgateway.yaml in the %PROGRAMDATA%\HxGN Visualization Edge Gateway Service\Settings folder. The settings in these files provide a detailed configuration of the gateway functions. Pre-installed settings should not require modification in most installations. When the Visualization Edge Gateway Service is upgraded, neither of the configuration files are overwritten

We recommend that you do not modify these configuration files if you do not have experience in networking and application proxy configuration. If you edit the files, make a backup of each file.

Certificate Files

While certificate files are not settings files, they are required for the operation of the Visualization Edge Gateway Service. The certificate files allow you to (1) set up the VDS web server to serve SSL requests, and (2) set up the Visualization Edge Gateway Service so that the gateway service can create secure SSL requests and allow encrypted connections between the host and client software. The certificate files are:

  • vds_key.pem - the private key associated with the given certificate.

  • vds_cert.pem - the certificate chain file itself.

For compatibility reasons, you must have the server certificate chain saved as vds_cert.pem, and the certificate’s private key saved as vds_key.pem. The vds_cert.pem file must contain the entire certificate chain and not just the certificate itself. For guidance and recommendations regarding your certificate creation, extraction, and usage policies, consult the site's certificate provider and your internal information technology (IT) group.

Locate the certificate files in the %PROGRAMDATA%\HxGN Visualization Edge Gateway Service\Certs folder. Upon initial installation, blank files are provided in that folder to show where the private key and certificate files must be located. Replace the blank files with the real certificate and private key files upon installation.


Administrative access to the Visualization Edge Gateway Service is present on port 2241. If external access to this service is required, port 2241 should be allowed in the firewall configuration. We do not recommend changing ports in the Visualization Edge Gateway Service configuration files.

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