Selection codes in user shapes - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

Before you can complete the instructions below, you must complete Set selection code defaults, Assign gaskets and bolts to flange weld neck in the catalog, Set selection codes on gasket and bolt components in the project, Assign gaskets and bolts to the flange in the project, and Setup a drawing. If you want to add a valve to the end of your user shape, you need to also complete Assign gaskets and bolts to valves in the project.

  1. Create a 3D model similar to the one below. Make sure you insert FLG WELD NECK, 150LB, SCH STD, ASTM A105 Part B as the end flange on your user shape.

  2. Click Create . Alternatively, type USERCREATE on the command line, and press ENTER.

    The Define User Shape dialog box displays.

  3. Type the name of the user shape in the Name box.

  4. Select a group for the user shape from the Group list.

  5. Select a user shape number in the Number list. The available numbers are 1 through 5.

  6. Select a specification in the Specification list.

  7. Select the color of the user shape in the Color list.

  8. Type the layer number of the component in the Layer box.

  9. If available, select the material information for the user shape in the Material list.

  10. Type the density of the component in the Density box.

  11. Type the weight of the component in the Weight box.

  12. Type the length of the component in the Length box.

  13. If you want the user shape saved in the catalog, then select the Save to catalog check box.

    This is the default setting.

  14. Select Optional Component to make this component an optional component.

  15. Select Block in the Type list.

  16. Select the main size in the Main Size list.

  17. If the component reduces, select the Reducing check box.

    The Reducing Size list becomes available.

  18. Select the reducing size in the Reducing Size list.

    Do not mix reducing and non-reducing components in the same file.

  19. Click Select 3D Solid, and follow the prompts.

  20. Click Define Connections.

    Pick direction.

  21. Select a direction in the drawing.

    Pick connection 2 or <Enter to finish>.

  22. For the second connection, select the side with the flange. Then, press ENTER to finish.

  23. Select the End Type for Connection 1.

  24. Select 2 from the Connection list.

  25. Click the End Type list, click Flanged, and then select FL_150.

  26. Select GAS_150B from the Applicable Gaskets list.

  27. Select BLT_150A from the Applicable Bolts list.

  28. Click OK.

    The software creates the user shape.

  29. Click Spec View .

  30. Click + next to User Shape.

  31. Click the user shape, and then place it in the drawing.

  32. Insert [4"] FLG WELD NECK, 150LB, SCH STD, ASTM A105 Part B on the end of the Part B flange.

    The software inserts the correct bolts and gaskets.