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CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor View tab: Display > Properties > Custom Data

Double-clicking Custom Data opens the New Field dialog box and enables you to add new information to the properties of the specification data, catalog data, and project properties. When you add custom data to the project, that custom data also displays in the properties of the specification as Project Custom Data. You cannot remove this Project Custom Data from within the specification properties. You can only remove project custom data from the project properties. You can edit the Default Value of Project Custom Data to apply it to the specification data as needed. You can also edit each value in the custom data columns individually for each component in the Main Spec List View. The New Field dialog box opens any time you click Custom Data in the Properties view. User Defined fields created using the Custom Data option automatically turn the names of those fields into Keywords. If you create custom fields with Keywords that already exist in the Spec Editor, the new keyword does not display in the Description Format Dialog Boxes. The keyword already exists, and the software does not recognize identical keywords.


Specifies a name for the new field. This name becomes the Keyword and cannot be changed after creation. When creating custom data, numbers, letters, the hyphen (-), and the underscore (_) are the only permissible characters. No other special characters are allowed.


Specifies a title for the new field. The column takes the title from the text in this box and can be edited at any time. If you change this title in Properties, the column title changes as well. However, the Name (Keyword) remains the same. Best practice calls for the Name and the Title to match.


Specifies a description of the information in the new field. This box is simply a note for you to understand why this field is being created.

Data Type

Specifies the type of data. The types of data allowed are Real, Integer, Text, or List. After you click OK you can no longer edit this option.

  • Real

Only allows real number characters in the Default Value box.

  • Integer

Only allows integer number characters in the Default Value box.

  • Text

Only allows alpha characters in the Default Value box.

  • List

Enables you to create a list of items to use for the custom data. You can create data in the list, and then select it from the Default Value list. To change this list, select the ellipsis to the left of the Data Type list. When you select the List option, the software activates the dialog box and then the ellipsis. For more information, see List Items Dialog Box, List Items Dialog Box.

Required Input

Specifies whether the information you are creating requires input from you.

Validation Rule

Specifies the validation rule for the custom data. This field is unavailable for edit.

Default Value

Specifies the default value of the custom data. If the List option is selected, a list of items displays. This list of items is based on the data created in the List Items Dialog Box, List Items Dialog Box. If you change the Default Value of Project Custom Data, click Reset to return to the original default value. When you click OK to change a project custom data default value, the software prompts you to Apply To All or Matching Only.

Apply To All

Applies the default value update to all components.

Matching Only

Applies the default value update only to the components that match the original default value. For example, you have a SERVICE custom data column and you want one service to read Steam and another service to read Concentrate. Your original default value reads Liquid, but you manually changed some of your Liquid values to Steam by typing the value in the SERVICE column. You now want to change all your remaining Liquid values to read Concentrate without changing the value of the steam SERVICE custom data. Type Concentrate in the Default Value of the Project Custom Data, and then click OK. Next, click Matching Only to change all of the Liquid values to Concentrate.


Resets the default value.

Attach Field to Components

Attaches the custom data field to the component. Clear the Attach Field to Components check box if you do not want the custom data to appear in the model. Selecting this option allows for the custom data you are creating to show up in the model, including the database, and bill of materials. If you attach the property to a component, you can turn that property off by opening the already added property and clearing the check box. Any new component drawn after that point does not contain the property. If you run CONVERTFROMPRJDATA on the previously create components, and have cleared this option, the custom data is removed.

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