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CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor Home Project tab: Export/Import Data > Export to Excel

Exports data from the selected specification to an Excel file.

The Specification Editor exports specifications using Excel named cells, allowing you to create or use your own Excel specification templates. You can control data contents and placement by location of the supported cell names or by the inclusion or exclusion of the cell names. For more information on supported cell names, see Cell Name Reference - Specification Properties, and Cell Name Reference - Component Properties.

The Specification Editor restricts imports to target a specification originating from an export.

The updated Excel interface capabilities include:

  • Control over format of export template through Excel named fields.

  • Control over content of export through removal of unwanted fields from the export template.

  • Ability to export basic component listing with one component record per size range.

  • Ability to export detailed component listing with one component record per unique size.

  • Ability to make updates to specification properties and component properties in the Excel export and import the updates back into the originating spec.

  • Ability to review data changes on import and include or exclude specific data updates from the import.

Export Specification to Excel Dialog Box

Enables you to export an Excel file with a template.

Template path

Specifies the template you want to use for the Excel export.

No Template

Export the specification data without a defined template.

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