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Pipe Alignment and Direction - Pipe Support POPUP

When you start a new assembly, such as a hanger, you select an insertion point, and then select an insertion direction. In this example, you select upwards for the insertion direction because when placing a hanger, you want the hanger to place upwards.

Then, insert a clamp as the first component in the hanger assembly. The Direction Vector designates which part of the clamp points in the insertion direction. In the following image, if you selected in the Y direction up or down the pipe, the curved section of the clamp would be on the top of the pipe. You want the bolt section to be at the top of the pipe, so you select in the X direction.

The Alignment Vector for the clamp comes out from the eye of the clamp. This specifies the centerline of the pipe for the clamp.

The clamp arrangement inserts based on the direction and alignment vectors.