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CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

Specifies the pipe properties. To view the properties:

  1. Click the plus (+) sign next to Pipe to expand the category.

  2. Click a plus (+) sign next to a pipe component.

  3. Click the actual data table.

Some of the components do not have all properties. If a property is not listed for a component, then that component does not use the property. If the property is common to all components, you can find the information on that property in Common Component Properties.

Default Connection Settings

Apply same end type to all ends

Applies the same end type connection, such as Buttweld (BW), to all ends when set to True. When set to False, the software uses more than one end type connection.


Specifies the start connection associated with the component.


Specifies the end connection associated with the component.


MAINSIZE - Main Size

Specifies the main sizes for the component.

MINLEN - Optional Minimum Pipe Length

Specifies the optional minimum lengths for the component.

MAXLEN - Optional Maximum Pipe Length

Specifies the optional maximum lengths for the component.

THRDCL - Threaded close length

Specifies the length of a threaded close for a nipple.

SOCCL - Socket close length

Specifies the length of a socket close for a nipple.

WEIGHT - Weight

Specifies the weight for the component.

ETS - Bitwise End Type Placement Control

Specifies the value for the placement control. The software calculates placement control using the end type number for each port. For more information, see Common Component Properties.

USER_PART_NUMBER - User Part Number

Enables you to specify unique part numbers for each individual component. To insert the USER_PART_NUMBER field, right-click the data table, and then select Add User Part Number Column. You can also accomplish this by double-clicking Custom Data in the Properties pane and creating the USER_PART_NUMBER field exactly as it appears here. If you do not need the USER_PART_NUMBER column, click Cancel.

Custom Data

Enables you to input fields using the New Field Dialog Box. You can access the custom data fields in CADWorx Plant through the Component Edit dialog box. For more information, see Component Custom Data Dialog Box and Local Edit in the CADWorx Plant Users Guide.

Picture Description

Displays an image of the component.

Listed below are the types of components available for selection in the table. Images are provided when available.

For custom pipe supports, user shapes, and custom topworks, the Picture Description displays Image Path. The software allows you to browse for a .png or .gif drawing, and then displays the drawing below the Image Path under Picture Description.