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Other Alignment and Direction - Pipe Support POPUP

If you attach a support component to another support component, you need a connection point in the location where the next component attaches. The Direction Vector must point in the direction of the connecting support component. For example, if you attach a Weldless Eye Nut to the top of a clamp bolt, you need to add a connection at the bolt location on the clamp where the Weldless Eye Nut attaches. Then, the Direction Vector for the added connection point at the clamp bolt location points up, in the direction of the Weldless Eye Nut.

The software uses the direction you define as the Alignment Vector for the next component. Point the Alignment Vector perpendicular to the next support component to run parallel with the centerline of the pipe.

When you add the Weldless Eye Nut, its connection to the clamp orients toward the connecting component. Set the Direction Vector in the same direction in which the Weldless Eye Nut needs to point. In the following example, select the Direction Vector northeast of the Y direction so that the curve of the Weldless Eye Nut points down and the bolt on the clamp rests in that curve.

Because the Alignment Vector at the bolt connection of the clamp runs along the pipe centerline, we set the Alignment Vector of the Weldless Eye Nut in the same direction. In the following example, select north in the Z direction so that the top of the Weldless Eye Nut points up and sets the side of Weldless Eye Nut in the Y direction.

The Weldless Eye Nut arrangement places based on the direction and alignment vectors.