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CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Click the pipe support assembly in the Pipe Support Library pane.

    The Edit assembly pane displays.

  2. Change the Group Name, if needed.

  3. Change the Assembly Name, if needed.

  4. Select the Size Range list, and then select or clear sizes from the list as needed. You can click the Component Size Setup ellipsis to change Size/Member sizes for each Pipe Size.

  5. Select or clear the Insulation Options as needed.

  6. Select a component from the Components Available list to add a new component to the assembly.

  7. Use the Add or Remove arrows to move the component parts needed to or from the Components Selected box.

    Use the Move Up or Move Down arrows to rearrange the order of the parts as they display in the drawing in the Components Selected box.

  8. Change the CAESAR II Type as needed.

  9. Change the Sort for the bill of materials, if needed.

  10. Change the Type for the bill of materials, if needed.

  11. Change the identifier for Isogen in the Identifier box, if needed.

  12. Change the SKEY for Isogen, if needed.

  13. Select a Message Type, if needed.

  14. Type a message text to appear for the pipe support.

  15. Select a Detail Sketch, by selecting the ellipsis.

  16. Update the long description in the Long box.

  17. Update the short description in the Short box.

  18. Update the tag in the Tag box.

  19. Update the part number in the Part Number box.

  20. Update the notes in the Notes box.

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