Create a Stub End end type - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Click New End Type .

  2. Type a name, such as Stub End.

  3. Select Flanged from the Base End Type list.

  4. Select FL from the Isogen list.

  5. Click the Stub-End/Adapter Lap End Type check box.

  6. Type a Description.

  7. Click OK.

    The end type adds to the End Type Tables folder.

  8. Select the Stub End end type, and then click End Type Table .

    The New End Type Table dialog box displays.

  9. Type a Name, such as Stub_End_1.

    Type displays the default value of the selected end type and is unavailable.

  10. Select the Size Table.

    Click the Size Table ellipsis to select the main sizes for this end type table. Alternatively, use Add MAINSIZE in the Main Table List View.

  11. Type a Part Number.

  12. If the Isogen Symbol does not default to FL, then select FL from the list.

  13. Type or select any other data, as needed.

  14. Type the Description for the table.

  15. Click OK.

    The end type table adds to the Stub End end type.

  16. Double-click the end type, and then right-click the Main Table List View.

  17. Select Add MAINSIZE.

  18. Click the Select / deselect all check box, and then click OK.

  19. Fill in the properties as needed.

  20. Click File > Save.

  21. Click File > Open, and then select a project (.prj).

    This project must use the catalog where you added the Stub End end type.

  22. Click Yes to update from the base catalog. You can also click Review Update, click Force Update All, click OK, and then click Yes.

  23. Double-click a specification.

  24. Select a component in the Main Spec List View. Alternatively, right-click, and then select Add or Add Multiple to add new components to the specification.

  25. In the New or Edit component pane, update the data as needed, and then click the Start list.

  26. Find the stub end end type in the end type tree, and then click + to expand the end type.

  27. Double-click the stub end end type table.

  28. You can add the same or different end types to End, Branch1, and Branch2 if needed, or click the Apply same end type to all ends check box.

  29. Click Apply.

    If you added a new component, click Add.

  30. Click the project name in the Project Specs pane.

  31. Click Match End Type in the Properties list, and then click the ellipsis .

    The Matching End Type Table dialog box displays.

  32. Click New.

  33. Select the stub end end type in the End Type List, and click Add Left or Add Right.

  34. Select either a custom or a default end type, and then click Add Left or Add Right based on where you added the last end type.

    You can also drag and drop the end type into the Matched End Type list. This drag-and-drop option eliminates steps 31 to 33.

  35. Click OK.

  36. Click File > Save.

See Drawing a Stub without an end type set and Drawing a Stub with a stub-end or adapter lap end type set.