Add multiple new components to a spec - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Double-click the specification in the Project Specs pane.

    The specification displays in the main window with the New component pane visible.

  2. Right-click the Main Spec List View, and then select Add Multiple.

    The Add multi component pane displays.

    CADWorx displays any default settings already specified in the initial set-up in the boxes.

  3. Use the Component box to select multiple components, by clicking the check boxes.

  4. Select or type a Group Name. Any components you select in Component to add to the Main Spec List View display under this group name.

  5. Click the Size list to select or clear sizes. You might need to increase the pane height if some of the boxes are not visible.

  6. Type the Component Class, Temperature, and Pressure Rating information as needed.

  7. Select the Optional Component check box to make these components available as optional components.

  8. To apply the same end type on all ends, select the Apply same end type on all ends check box, click the Start list, and then select a starting end type.


    1. Click the Start list, and then select a starting end type.

    2. Click the End list, and then select an ending end type.

    3. Click the Branch1 list, and then select a branch end type.

    4. Click the Branch2 list, and then select a second branch end type.

  9. Click the Main Schedule list, and then select a main schedule.

  10. Click the Branch Schedule list, and then select a branch schedule.

  11. Click the BOM Type list, and then change the Bill of Material (BOM) type or use the default type.

  12. Type tag information in the Tag box.


    Click the Tag ellipsis, use the Tag Format dialog box to set the tag format, and then click OK. For more information, see Long, Short, Tag, and Part Number Format Dialog Boxes.

  13. Type additional information in the Notes box.

  14. Click the Color list, and then change the color, or use the default color.

  15. Click the Layer list, and then change the layer, or use the default layer.

  16. Click Add at the top-right hand side of the Add multi component pane.

  17. Click File > Save to save the changes to the project.

    The components add to the list in the Main Spec List View.

Branch Tab

The Branch tab sets up the permitted specification components by main and reduction sizes, through a grid that enables you to choose which sizes use which types of components.

  1. Click the Branch tab at the bottom of the Add multi component pane.

    A grid displays with Branch Size (NPS) on top of the grid, and Main Size (NPS) on the left side of the grid.

  2. To add permitted components to the grid, right-click the applicable main and branch size intersection, and then select one of the types listed.

    You must change the Apply Branch Table Rule option, under Piping Rules in CADWorx Plant Setup, to Automatic to apply the branch table settings.

    The grid box displays letters, indicating that you have added a component.

    To add components to multiple intersections at the same time hold down CTRL while either selecting multiple intersections, or left-click a box and drag the mouse in any direction to select multiple boxes.

  3. Click Save when finished. Every time you make a change, you must save the project for the change to take affect.