Topwork Sub Folder Manager - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor Data Tables folder: Right-click the Topworks category > click Add Data Table > click the Sub Folder ellipsis

CADWorx Spec Editor View tab: Properties > select a Topworks data table > click the Sub Folder ellipsis in the Properties pane

Adds subfolder selections for your Topworks category. You see the subfolders when you create a new Topworks or view the Topworks properties.

Use the Sub Folder property under Properties to move specific Topworks data tables to a different subfolder. For more information, see Topworks.

Sub Folder Name

Specifies the name of the subfolder for your topworks data tables. When you click New, the software adds Sub_Folder_1 as the default, and then increments each time you click New. If you rename a subfolder after you click New, then the software adds the missing subfolder name number as the default subfolder name.


Specifies the description of the group. There are no description restrictions.


Adds a new subfolder to the list.


Deletes a subfolder from the list.