Import multiple specifications using a CADWorx catalog - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Right-click the project in the Main List View, and then select Import AutoCAD Plant 3D Specification Data.

    The Import AutoCAD Plant 3D Specification Data dialog box displays.

  2. Clear the Use Spec Catalog option to use a CADWorx catalog. The Catalog box defaults to the base catalog that you selected when you first created the project. If you did not select a base catalog, then you must select one now. To select a catalog, do the following:

    1. Click the Catalog ellipsis.

      The Select Company Catalog File dialog box displays.

    2. Select a CADWorx catalog, and then click Open.

      The CADWorx catalog populates the Catalog box.

      The catalog you select must have the same units as the AutoCAD Plant 3D specification, or no components become available for import.

  3. Click the Plant 3D List Files ellipsis.

    The Open dialog box displays.

  4. Select the AutoCAD Plant 3D data for import, and then click Open.

    If you want to combine the catalogs of the selected specifications, select the Combine Catalog check box. You can only combine catalogs if you select more than one specification.

  5. Select a size table from the Size Table list. The software auto-populates the Size Table list from the base catalog. If only one size table exists in your catalog, you cannot select another size table.

  6. Click the plus sign to expand the Component Type list, and then select the check box for the component that you want to add. Repeat this step for each component that you want to add.

    You can use the Select / deselect all check box to select all the components under CADWorx Components.

  7. Click Import.

  8. Click OK.

    You can click View Log File to view the details of the conversion.

    The AutoCAD Plant 3D specification imports.