Component Types - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor View tab: Component Types

Shows a listing of all the components by COMPTYPE NAME and Program Code. Enables you to define a DEFINED COMPTYPE.


Specifies the component type name of each component in the Specification Editor. You cannot edit this it is hard coded in the system.


Specifies a defined component type name for each component. Changing this text changes the appearance of the long description in the specification.

Program Code

Specifies the program code for the component. This program code identifies the component in the Component Edit dialog box in the Component type box. You cannot edit this, it is hard coded in the system. For more information, see Local Edit in the CADWorx Plant Users Guide.

  • To view the component types, click the View tab while working in a catalog, and then select the Component Types check box in the Display panel.

    The Component Types display on the Main Table List View.

Change how the COMPTYPE format displays in the Project Description Formats

  1. Enter a value into the DEFINED COMPTYPE box, and then save the catalog.

  2. Open the corresponding specification.

  3. If the Reload message box displays, click Yes.

    If the update from base catalog message box displays, click Yes.

    One or both of these dialog boxes displays. If you do not receive the update message box, then the catalog was not saved, or the wrong project was opened.

  4. Open a specification, and click on the component for which you changed the value in the DEFINED COMPTYPE box. If the value is not changed, then you need to set the components description format or the specifications description format for the change to take effect. For more information, see Description Format Dialog Boxes and Long, Short, Tag, and Part Number Format Dialog Boxes.