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CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor Home tab: Specification > Add Specification

Adds a specification to a project.


Specifies the name of the specification.


Specifies the base catalog.

Weight Factor

Specifies the weight factor of the specification. This option is used for various margins of component weights, such as paint weights, and weld weights.

Component Class

Specifies the class type specification for the component.

Temperature Rating

Specifies the maximum allowable temperature for the component.

Pressure Rating

Specifies the maximum allowable pressure for the component.

DBCode Table

Specifies the database code table from the base catalog.

Size Table

Specifies the size table used in the base catalog.

Available Size

Specifies the available sizes of the size table. These can be changed by selecting or clearing the check boxes in the list.

Thickness Table

Specifies the thickness table used in the base catalog.

Material Table

Specifies the material table used in the base catalog.

Layer Name

Specifies the layer name. By default this name is the name of the spec, but the name can be changed.

Layer Color

Specifies the color appearance of the components when using this specification to draw. Select 0 - ByLayer, 1 - Red, 2 - Yellow, 3 - Green, 4 - Cyan, 5 - Blue, 6 - Magenta, 7 - White/Black, from the list or type 0 through 255 to specify other colors.

Created By

Specifies the name of the person who created the specification.


Specifies the description of the specification.

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