New User Shape Table - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx Spec Editor Catalog Data: Right-click any data table while in Group List Mode > Add User Shapes Table

Adds a user shape table to a group folder in Catalog Data. This option is available when you set Data Table List Mode to Group List Mode. If you set Data Table List Mode to Category List Mode, then you must right-click the User Shape category, and then select Add Data Table. The New User Shape Table dialog box displays when you do either of these actions.


Specifies the user shape table name. There are no restrictions to what you can name the table.


Specifies the user shape number for the user shape you are creating.

Size Table

Specifies the size table attached to the user shape table. You can click the ellipsis to display the Select Size dialog box, and then select the sizes you need.

Part Number

Specifies the part number assigned to the user shape table.

Reducing component

Specifies the shape of a reducing component. You can create shapes with multiple reductions. For more information, see User Shapes.

Default Settings

Group Name

Specifies a group for the user shape table. You can select a category from the list or type a name in the Group box. You can also click the Group ellipsis , and then add groups to the Group Data Table Manager. The Group box defaults to the group folder you select in Data Tables. For more information, see Data Table List Mode Panel, and Group Data Table Manager Dialog Box.

BOM Type

Specifies the default bill of material type for the user shape.

Layer Name

Specifies the default layer of the user shape.

Color Index

Specifies the default color of the component in a drawing. Select 0 - ByLayer, 1 - Red, 2 - Yellow, 3 - Green, 4 - Cyan, 5 - Blue, 6 - Magenta, 7 - White/Black, from the list or type 0 through 255 to specify other colors.


Specifies the default topworks for the component. The Topworks option enables when the component requires a topwork detail.

Sort Sequence

Specifies the location of the item in the bill of material. This number is pulled from the program code when adding a new component. However, when editing an existing component, the program code from the original selection stays the same. You have the option to leave this number as it is or change it based on the following. If you entered 999, this component is placed last in the list. If you enter 0, it is first in the list. If you set the same sort numbers for different components in the specification, CADWorx places the components in the list in an alphabetical order.

Isogen Identifier

Specifies the default identifier used by Isogen for the component. For more information, see SKEY Information in the CADWorx Plant User's Guide.

Isogen SKEY

Specifies the default SKEY used by Isogen for the component. For more information, see SKEY Information in the CADWorx Plant User's Guide.

Optional Component

Sets the component to an optional component.


Specifies the description of the table. There are no description restrictions.