Import data from Excel to a specification - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Open a project file, and then select a specification.

  2. On the Home tab, click Import Update From Excel on the Export/Import Data panel. Alternatively, right-click, and the select Import Update From Excel.

    The Import Excel Specification dialog box displays.

  3. Click the File Path ellipsis, browse to the location where you stored the export, select it, and then click Open.

    The changes from the exported file populate the Import Excel Specification dialog box.

  4. Review the data, and then select the check boxes of the components and properties you want to import.

  5. Click Import.

    The data import runs.

  6. Click Close.

    The Excel updates display in the required properties and components.