Add a flanged or clamped component data table - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)
  1. Click (+) on the Data Tables folder in Catalog Data.

    The Data Tables folder expands displaying the categories, or groups depending on you view selection.

  2. Select Flanges or Couplings, right-click, and then select Add Data Table.

    The New Data Table dialog box displays.

  3. Type a Name.

  4. Select a Type.

  5. Select a Size Table.

  6. Click the Size Table ellipsis , select the sizes to add from the Select Size list, and then click OK.

    Use the Select / deselect all check box to select or clear all sizes.

  7. Type the Part Number.

  8. Select a group, type a name in the Group box, or click the Group ellipsis to create a new group.

  9. Update the BOM Type list if needed.

  10. Select the Layer Name.

  11. Update the Color Index list if needed.

  12. Type the Sort Sequence.

  13. Type the Isogen Identifier.

  14. Select an Isogen SKEY.

  15. Select gasket codes from the Applicable Gaskets list.

  16. Select bolt codes from the Applicable Bolts list.

  17. If necessary, select Optional Component.

  18. Type the Description of the table.

  19. Click OK.

    The new data table displays in the Main Table List View and in Catalog Data.

Next, see Assign selection codes in the project from defaults in the catalog.