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This section describes the requisition interface between the Intergraph Smart Materials and SAP software systems.

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On the basis of the System Specification Requisition Interface Smart Materials / SAP, the present system documentation describes the second part of the Smart Materials / SAP interface. This part ensures a transfer of requisitions from Smart Materials to MM‑Purchase (Material Management) from SAP, so that the purchasing of the material that comes from the Smart Materials parts lists can be performed in SAP.

To be able to follow and process the data in Smart Materials, chosen data from the transferred requisitions can be called up in the course of the SAP processing and integrated into Smart Materials. (This will be implemented in the 3rd part of the interface.)

The Transfer of Requisitions section describes the general specification of the transfer of requisitions as well as the prerequisites and suppositions necessary to integrate the order program via both systems.

The requisition interface, like the material interface, can be configured in order to match the different systems with one another.