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The Smart Materials PDS interface is configurable and allows users to combine the Smart Materials standardization data in different ways with additional PDS data. So it is possible to adapt the individual structure of Smart Materials standardization to populate the necessary files for PDS with a fixed structure.

Projects developing a configuration structure require a team that includes PDS and Smart Materials experts.

The Smart Materials experts should be familiar with the Smart Reference Data module, the Administration module, and the individual standardization structure. The PDS experts should have PDS administration knowledge and be able to work with the Reference Data Manager before configuring the PDS interface.

Using Smart Materials with PDS makes the creation of new pipe classes and modification of existing pipe classes more efficient, easier, and faster. Additionally, the Smart Reference Data module makes it easier to maintain the data and to improve the quality of pipe material class data.

In addition, Smart Materials can transfer standardization data not only to PDS but also to other competitive CAD systems that are often used in parallel within companies or projects. With Smart Materials interfaces to systems like SAP, it is possible to standardize all process material only once, at the single point of data entry to Smart Materials.