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The following fields are necessary for each work instruction to be presented clearly and effectively. These fields should be present in all work instruction form designs.

  • Work Description - Displays the work instruction’s description.

  • Area - Displays the work instruction’s area information.

  • Assigned Group - Displays the user group that should complete the work.

  • Status - Displays the work instruction’s state of completion.

  • Due - Displays Not Due before the Scheduled Start Time, displays Due after the Scheduled Start Time, and displays Overdue after the Scheduled Finish Time. By default, only Due and Overdue entries are displayed in the Work Instructions list view.

  • Scheduled Start Time - Determines when the work instruction is due for completion.

  • Category - Displays the work instruction’s category.

If you remove the Scheduled Finish Time field, a work instruction’s state cannot be marked as Overdue. The Scheduled Finish Time field can be removed, but the Overdue functionality will be lost.

The other fields can be removed without causing any complications.