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The standard shift report template consists of the following sections:

  • A Shift Information section for the general information

  • An Attachment(s) section with a comment box for each attachment

  • A Health and Safety comment section

  • A KPIs section displaying relevant key performance indicators

  • A Key Plant / Asset Status section for the status of key assets

  • A Shift Crew section for manually entered shift crew information

  • The Operations Logs, Operator Rounds, Work Instructions, and Standing Orders imported sections. These display operational entries that have been created during the shift, and any entries from past shifts that are still open.

  • A Checklist section

These sections are illustrated and described in more detail below:

  • Shift Information - Includes the name, area, and status of the shift report. It also includes a rich text comment box for the shift summary. Rich text comment boxes provide text formatting options.

  • Attachment(s) - Allows the attachment of relevant images and documents in a repeating section, with a comment box for each attachment.

  • Health and Safety - Includes a rich text area comment box for the health and safety information.

  • KPIs - Includes user-entered and process data boxes for key performance indicator information. Each KPI has a comment field for additional information.

  • Key Plant / Asset Status - Allows the recording of plant and asset statuses in a repeating section. The status option list ensures a consistent status selection.

  • Shift Crew - Allows the selection of each shift crew member’s name, position, and attendance status in a repeating section. The Name, Position, and Status list options are filtered when you type into them.

Import sections - Application data is imported into the Operations Logs, Operator Rounds, Work Instructions, and Standing Orders sections automatically.

  • Operations Logs - Displays the operations logbook entry summaries for the current shift.

  • Operator Rounds - Displays the operator round summaries for the current shift.

  • Work Instructions - Displays the work instruction summaries for the current shift.

  • Standing Orders - Displays the standing orders issued or changed in the past week and the assigned user groups.

  • Checklist - Ensures that a consistent process is followed during the shift handover, and relevant issues are covered.