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The following is a summary of a typical shift handover configuration process. The sections that follow discuss each point in more detail.

To configure a shift handover:

  1. Create a shift handover configuration.[*]

  2. Design a shift report template - copy an existing template or design a new template.

  3. Preview the shift report design.

  4. Edit the template until you are satisfied it meets requirements.

  5. Make the shift report template live.

  6. Enable the shift handover configuration.[*]

To edit the shift report at a later stage:

  1. Edit the shift report template design.

  2. Make the edited shift report template live.

To edit the shift handover configuration at a later stage:

  1. Disable the shift handover configuration.[*]

  2. Edit the shift handover configuration.[*]

  3. Enable the shift handover configuration.[*]

[*] This can be done in the j5 IndustraForm Designer or on the j5 Web Client.