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A shift handover configuration determines where and when a shift handover is performed.

To create a shift handover configuration:

  1. Select the Shift Handover scope.

  2. Right-click an area node and select New Handover Config on the shortcut menu.

    Users can only see shift reports configured in their areas.

  3. In the New Handover Config dialog box, enter a name for the new handover config and then click OK.

    The Shift Handover Configuration detail window opens with the area information filled in based on where the new handover config was created in the operational area tree. Here the shift handover’s schedule and associated information can be edited.

  4. Edit the Shift Handover Configuration.

The default Handover Type is Shift-Based. The Shift-Based handover type structures the shift handover schedule around shift times. A new shift report is created at the beginning of each shift, and can only be completed approaching the end of the shift. We recommend that you use this handover type for a controlled and uniform shift handover process.

The Handover Any Time handover type is not structured around shift times. A Handover Any Time shift handover can be completed whenever it is needed. This handover type provides flexibility and is particularly useful when the number of shifts vary from day to day. This handover type can also be used for testing and training purposes, because you do not need to wait until shift end to complete the shift handover.

If the Shift-Based handover type is selected:

  1. Select the relevant shift structure from the Shift option list. Refer to the Shift names and times configuration if you need to see the shift option details or need to configure a new shift option.

  2. In the Length of Approval Window (mins) box, enter a suitable approval window length.

    An approval window is evenly split across the next shift’s start time. For example, if the approval window is 120 minutes and the next shift starts at 8am, the approval window begins at 7am and ends at 9am.

    When an approval window begins, the shift handover entry is marked as Open for Approval and the Start Handover button appears at the top of the shift report. The shift handover process between the outgoing and incoming crews can only take place in the approval window. When all the approvers have approved the shift report, the shift handover entry is marked as Complete and a new shift report is created. If by the end of the approval window not all of the approvers have approved the shift report, the shift handover entry is marked as Not Approved, and a new shift report is created.

    A Shift-Based handover can have an approval window length of 0 minutes if no people are required for the completion of the report. For example, a shift report that only includes process and imported data for the shift. The data is automatically refreshed when the shift ends, and a new shift report is created at the beginning of the next shift.

If the Handover Any Time handover type is selected, there are no other handover type settings that need to be configured. The Handover Any Time handover doesn’t have an approval window.

After selecting the handover type (and selecting the shift and editing the approval window for the Shift-Based type):

  1. If you want the shift crew information to be imported into the shift report, select the Yes checkbox in the Shift Crew Enabled box.

  2. If you want to change the shift time zone or shift report language, clear the Use Region for Timezone and Language checkbox. When this checkbox is cleared, the Shift Time Zone and Shift Report Language fields are no longer read-only and provide an option list so a different time zone and language can be selected.

  3. Select the relevant distribution lists in the Shift Report Distribution Lists box. The shift report PDF is sent to each user in the selected distribution lists after every shift.

  4. If there are interested stakeholders whose details aren’t in a selected distribution list, enter their email addresses in the Shift Report Email Recipients box as a comma separated list.

  5. Click Save

After saving the configuration, the associated IndustraForm template opens in the IndustraForm Editor.