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The shifts configured on the Shift Names and Times configuration page should match your business’ shift structures. Configured shifts are used to structure and order entries in some of the j5 applications.

The applications that use the shift names and times are Shift Handover, Work Instructions, and Operator Rounds. The shift names and times are also used for the configuration of regions and user profiles.

The default shift configurations (2 Shifts, 3 Shifts, and Day Work) can be edited or deleted, or you can create your own shift configuration.

To create your own shift configuration:

  1. Click Add

  2. Enter an identifying label for the shift configuration.

  3. Enter a name for each shift as a comma-separated list.

  4. Enter the start time for each shift as a comma-separated list.

  5. Click Save

All these input boxes are required fields. The shift configuration can’t be saved until all these fields are complete.