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To configure a modified Default Form:

  1. Select the Operations Logbook scope.

  2. Right-click the connection name (for a Default Form that applies to all of the areas) or an area node in the navigation pane and select Configure Default Form.

    Alternatively, if you want to configure a Default Form for a particular category, right-click the connection name or an area node and select Configure Default Form for Category. Select the category you want in the category option box that appears.

    Whichever Default Form option is selected, the new Default Form opens in the IndustraForm Editor. By default, the new Default Form design displays the built-in Default Form design. If a modified Default Form has been configured higher up the area tree, the new Default Form displays the modified Default Form.

  3. Edit the new Default Form design so it meets your needs. This is explained in detail in the next section.

  4. Click Preview . The Testing Form window appears. Here you can view the Default Form as it will appear in the j5 Operations Logbook application. Close the Testing Form window.

  5. To modify the design further, make the changes in the IndustraForm Editor, and then preview again until you are satisfied with the design.

  6. When you are satisfied that the Default Form meets your requirements, click in the toolbar. This activates the Default Form design on the j5 Operations Management System.

The modified Default Form is now available in its configured areas on the j5 Operations Management System, and the built-in Default Form has been overridden in these areas.