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The default IndustraForm templates used in the j5 Operations Logbook and j5 Work Instruction applications have predefined messages enabled on their description boxes, but they require specifically named predefined message lists to be used.

To include predefined messages in the default Operations Logbook and Work Instructions IndustraForms, the predefined message lists should be called Operations Logbook - Message and Work Instructions Description respectively.

Predefined messages can be configured for all rich text boxes in IndustraForm templates. This configuration is edited in the j5 IndustraForm Designer.

To link a predefined message to a rich text box:

  1. In the j5 IndustraForm Designer, select the rich text box.

  2. On the Properties tab, under the Type heading, select the predefined message list you want to link to the box.

When you want the linked predefined message list to change depending on what you need to communicate in the entry, select Formula from the Predefined Message List option list. In the Predefined Message Formula box, enter a formula that resolves exactly to the name of a predefined message list.

For example, when the High priority is selected, the Operations Logbook – Urgent predefined message list is available. Otherwise, if the High priority is not selected, the Operations Logbook – Message predefined message list is available.

= IF (cell ID = “High”,“Operations Logbook – Urgent”,“Operations Logbook – Message”)

The default Operations Logbook Category list is a hierarchy select type cell. Hierarchy select type cells can’t be used in formulas. If your category list isn’t hierarchical, replace the default hierarchical list with a standard list if you’d like to use the category list to determine what predefined message lists are available.