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To add new fields to the default form:

  1. Create a new row where you want the field (right-click a row number and select Insert New Row Above… or Insert New Row Below…).

  2. Merge the cells together as required.

  3. Enter a label for your field (select a cell, type the label, and press enter).

  4. Select an input type from the Type option list on the Properties tab.

If you want the new field to be displayed on the j5 Mobile application:

  1. Right-click the new input field and select Add to Mobile Layout. This adds the label and input field to the bottom on the mobile layout.

  2. Select the Sections tab and click Mobile Layout in the toolbar. This opens the Mobile Layout window.

  3. Drag the new field into the position you want it.

The Notes section is a repeating section which allows multiple notes to be added. Additional fields are not required for multiple notes to be added.