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In the j5 Shift Operations Management Help, we explained how to create and release work plans on the j5 Web Client (refer to Create a work plan for more information). When designing and editing work instruction templates in the j5 IndustraForm Designer, it might be convenient to create and release the work plans at the same time. In this section, we explain how to create and release work plans in the j5 IndustraForm Designer.

To create a work plan in the j5 IndustraForm Designer:

  1. Select the Work Instructions scope.

  2. Right-click an area node and select New Scheduled Work Plan. The New Work Plan dialog box appears.

    Users can only see work instructions configured in their areas.

  3. Enter a name for the new work plan and click OK. The Work Planning window appears. Here the work plan details can be configured.

  4. Edit the work plan:

    • Work Category - Select the category for the work instruction.

    • Assigned Group - Select the group that should complete the work.

    • Description - Edit the description as required.

  5. Schedule the work instruction. A work instruction’s schedule type can be set to Ad-hoc, Simple, Advanced or Shift-Based.

    • The Ad-hoc schedule type doesn't repeat automatically but can be rescheduled and reused multiple times. The scheduled event or task is only completed once per schedule.

    • The Simple schedule type repeats on a regular, uniform schedule, such as after a set number of hours or days.

    • The Advanced schedule type allows you to configure schedules that repeat on particular days of the week, month, or year.

    • The Shift-Based schedule type structures the work instructions around the shift start times. Refer to the Shift names and times configuration if you need to see the shift option details or need to configure a new shift option.

  6. Click Save

The work plan’s associated work instruction template opens in the IndustraForm Editor.