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IndustraForm templates can be designed on a blank sheet, or existing IndustraForm template designs can be copied and edited as required.

j5 provides sample IndustraForm templates. These templates can be used in many industrial contexts and serve as a useful starting point for tailoring your own IndustraForm templates.

In order to use these sample IndustraForm templates:

  1. Login to the j5 IndustraForm Designer.

  2. Select the required Application scope.

  3. Right-click your connection name or an application folder in the navigation pane and select Download Sample Templates.

  4. Download the templates' zip file to your computer.

  5. Extract the templates from the zip file.

  6. Import the template designs into IndustraForm templates on the j5 IndustraForm Designer as required.

If you want the templates to be available on your j5 server, after downloading the template zip file:

  1. Right-click your connection name in the navigation pane and select Import as subfolder.

  2. Select the sample_templates zip file, and click Open. The sample_templates folder appears in the navigation pane.