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The Geometric Constructions Code Generator tool translates XML definition files into C# code files. You can then use the tool to insert the translated files into a Visual Studio project. You can run the Geometric Constructions Code Generator tool interactively or in batch mode.

Preferences and log file

The software saves the selections that you make each time you run the Geometric Constructions Code Generator as preferences in the GeometricConstructionsCodeGenerator.exe.xml file. In subsequent sessions, the software validates preferences before loading them to avoid using inconsistent settings. In this way, if an issue exists with the data, you can delete the preferences file.

The software records processing results in the GeometricConstructionsCodeGenerator.log file.

  • The Geometric Constructions Code Generator executable file is located in the [Product Folder]\CommonStruct\Tools\Bin folder. The preferences .xml file and the process log file are located in the user's Temp folder.

  • XML definition files must be generated before using the Geometric Constructions Code Generator. For more information, see Create a geometric construction macro.

  • To create or modify a Visual Studio project or solution requires that Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later is installed.

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