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Wall cross-section symbols are used in the Structure task’s Wall commands. These wall cross sections are delivered with the steel sections and follow most of the same rules.

All section tables delivered with the software use a specific set of cross-section symbols. Some section tables use all the cross-section symbols in the set; some tables only use a subset of the cross-section symbols. Each cross-section symbol has its own set of properties. When looking at a section table workbook, you can determine the cross-section symbol that is being referenced by that particular sheet by looking at the SymbolDefinition entry at the top of the sheet.

The wall cross-section symbols are delivered with the reference data software in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\CrossSections folder. You can create your own custom cross-section symbols using the 2D Symbols utility that is delivered with the software.

For more information, see Cross-Section Symbol Representations in the 2D Symbols User's Guide.