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The StructCanRules-Metric.xls workbook defines parameters for structural cans created by the Place Can command in the Structure task. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles folder and is bulkloaded into the Catalog.

The workbook is delivered with a worksheet for each type of can:




Each worksheet defines a can class, the corresponding 2D symbol file, and properties in the catalog.

Definition Section

Each worksheet has a Definition section with the following attributes:


Class type "SmartOccurrence" as defined on the PartClassTypes sheet of the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles\AllShipCodeLists.xls file. Do not modify.


Name of the smart class.


Name of the smart class as it displays in the Catalog task.


Specifies a graphic file for the part class. You can view this graphic in the Catalog task or on the Properties dialog box in the Molded Forms task in the software. For more information, see Symbol Icons.

oa:[parameter name]

Occurrence attributes that place the named catalog attribute on the bracket Parameters tab on the Properties dialog box in the Molded Forms task. The parameter also displays in the Head section.

Head Section

Each worksheet has a Head section with the following attributes and parameters.


Part number defined in the catalog. This parameter can have spaces.


Part name defined in the catalog. This parameter does not have spaces.


ProgID of a definition class module within the smart occurrence rules.


Description of the part. This parameter can have spaces.


The diameter rule used. Type 1 for outside diameter match, 2 for inside diameter match, or 3 for user-defined.

[Physical attributes]

Physical attributes defined in the catalog, such as thickness, material, grade, angles, and dimensions, as shown in below.

1 - Can outside diameter
2 - Can inside diameter
3 - Can thickness
4 - Cone 1 thickness
5 - Cone 2 thickness
6 - L2 length by hull
7 - L3 length by hull
8 - Cone 1 angle or slope
9 - Cone 1 length
10 - Cone 2 angle or slope
11 - Cone 2 length
12 - L2 length by centerline
13 - L3 length by centerline