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Geometric constructions are 3D geometry, such as points, curves, and surfaces. This geometry is used to create objects in the model, such as plates, seams, knuckles, and physical connections.

A geometric construction macro is a collection of geometric construction interfaces delivered with the software. For example, a macro can be a collection of points, lines, arcs and dimensions that combine to create a plate system on intersecting built-up members and automatically trim and bound the member flanges to the plate system.

You generally use geometric constructions in a supported command through the Projection3D option when other ribbon options or Sketch 2D cannot create the needed object. For more information, see Geometric Constructions in the Molded Forms User's Guide.

You can also graphically create GCs, GC sets, and GC macros using commands on the GC menu. The software then creates the code without programming. The menu is available after adding a custom command.

The following terminology is used:

  • Geometric construction (also called a GC) - A 3D geometry object created from a geometric construction interface, such as a point, curve, surface, or coordinate system. The geometry can be parametric and associative. Many geometric constructions are available. For more information, see GeometricConstructions.chm and CMNSTRGeometricConstructions.chm in the [Product Folder]\Programming\Help folder, available when Programming Resources is installed.

  • GC set - A combination of multiple GCs used to create complex geometry.

  • GC macro - A GC set that has been compiled so that it is available for repeated use.

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