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All member cross sections must have CrossSectionType information.

Valid Cross Section Type strings:

  • BulbFlat

  • Channel

  • FlatBar

  • IBar

  • TeeBar

  • EqualAngle

  • UnequalAngle

  • RectangleTube

  • SquareTube

  • RoundTube

  • RoundBar

  • SquareBar

  • HalfRound.

Member cross sections are not required to support IJUAXSectionMfgProperties or IJUAXSectionMatlProperties virtual interfaces.

Cardinal Point 10 must be defined in the member cross section symbol at the centroid location.

Cardinal Point 15 must be defined at the Shear Center location.

If the member has a flange, it must support the IStructFlangedSectionDimensions virtual interface with the following properties:

  • d = Web Depth

  • tw = Web Thickness

  • tf = Flange Thickness

  • bf = Flange Width

If the member, such as round tubes, rectangular tubes, Half Round, and so on, does not have a flange, it must support the IStructCrossSectionDimensions virtual interface.

  • Depth = Web Depth

  • tdes = Thickness


  • tnom = Thickness

    This property is read-only if the tdes property does not exist.