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Default naming rules are hard-coded in the software. If you need to customize naming for Molded Forms objects, a sample set of naming rules is provided. These rules are not included in the delivered catalog. To use the rules, you must bulkload them into the catalog.

.NET Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\ShipStructure\Rules\ShipStructureNamingRules\ShipStructureNamingRules.csproj

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\ShipStructure\Rules\Release\ShipStructureNamingRules.dll


The following selector class modules are included in the .NET project:


Names molded forms objects that are not plates or profiles. The name consists of <object parent>-<object type><index>, such as D16-1DCK-1-DSeam3. This rule can be customized.


Names root and leaf plate systems and brackets using the hard-coded naming rule. The name consists of <reference plane or root system>-<index><plate type>-<location id>, such as D16-1DCK-1.


Names root and leaf plate systems and brackets. The name consists of <ship>-<parent system from Systems and Specifications>-<reference plane or root system>-<index>, such as Minnow-<Decks>-D16-1DCK-1-1. This rule can be customized.


Names root and leaf profile systems using the hard-coded naming rule. The name consists of <parent system>-<index><profile type>-<location id>, such as D16-1DCK-1-1T-1.


Names root and leaf profile systems. The name consists of <parent system>-<profile naming category>-<index>, such as D16-1DCK-1-Stiffener-1. This rule can be customized.


Names reference curves. The name consists of <coordinate system>:<reference plane>:<reference curve type>-<index>, such as CS_0:F14:Reference-1. This rule can be customized.


The NamingRules worksheet in the AMD_SM_SRDNamingRules_AddDotNetMFNameRules.xls workbook defines customized Molded Forms naming rules. The worksheet represents a rule class in the Catalog. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\AMD_Marine folder and is bulkloaded into the Catalog.


The folder containing naming rules, which is located under the catalog root folder in the Catalog task hierarchy. See the CatalogRoot worksheet for the naming rules catalog root folder.


The name for the naming rule as it displays in the Catalog task hierarchy.


The ProgID for the naming rule, using the format [.dll Name]. [Class Module Name].