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You can run the Geometric Constructions Code Generator using a command line rather than the usual user interface. This allows you to perform multiple tool operations.

Example command line syntax:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Smart3D\CommonStruct\Tools\Bin>GeometricConstructionsCodeGenerator.exe -1 SOM -t Shipstructure -p C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\GeometricConstructions\XML -o No -s No -n JSSLine8

The following command-line parameters and arguments can be used to run the Geometric Constructions Code Generator in batch mode.

Required Arguments

  • Language specifies the programming language and framework for the Visual Studio project. Because COM/VB.NET and COM/CSharp should only be used for debugging, we strongly recommend using SOM/CSharp for content developers.

    Sample syntax:

    -l SO
    -l VB
    -l CS

Optional Arguments



Sample Syntax


Enables you to generate the DLL in the correct location under the SharedContent folder on the local machine when the solution is built in Release mode. Supported parameters are MaterialHandling, ShipStructure, or SmartPlantStructure.

-t ShipStructure

Path to XML definition files

Enables you to use XML definition files from a location other than the default location.

-p C:\Temp\XML


Enables you to show or hide message boxes. Supported parameters are y and n. If the value is set to y, the software hides and automatically accepts the message boxes asking to override a solution, a project, or a code file. When the value is set to n, all message boxes are displayed.

-o n


Includes the Override behavior plus other message boxes that can be displayed during GeometricConstructionsCodeGenerator.exe execution. Supported parameters are y and n. Setting the value to n is useful when multiple GeometricConstrctuionsCodeGenerator.exe executions are chained in a batch file.

-s n


Enables you to define a custom name to the generated Visual Studio project or solution. Only a non-empty name will be used.

-n <NameOfTheProject>

To view all potential arguments, open a Command Prompt window, type the full path location and file name of the Geometric Constructions Code Generator executable file followed by /?.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart3D\CommonStruct\Tools\Bin\GeometricConstructionsCode
Generator.exe" /?

After you press ENTER, the software displays a window similar to the example below.