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Bracket plate systems are smart occurrence objects placed in the model based on decisions made in the smart occurrence bracket rules. The rules select the type of bracket based upon the selected plane and support structure.

Visual Basic Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\ShipStructure\Rules\SMBracketSelectionRules\BracketPlateSystems.csproj

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\ShipStructure\Rules\Release\BracketPlateSystems.dll

Bulkload: Bracket Plate System Workbook

The following selector class modules are included in the Visual Basic project:


Calls the appropriate sub-selector rule based upon the number of selected supports. For example, proceeds to the 2S selector class (Bracket2SRootSelectorRule.cs) if two supports are selected.

You can modify the selector questions defining the sub-selectors.

Bracket1SRootSelectorRule.cs, Bracket2SRootSelectorRule.cs, Bracket3SRootSelectorRule.cs, and Bracket4SRootSelectorRule.cs

Selects a bracket plate system type based on the type of supports, and calls the appropriate sub-selector:

You can modify the selector questions defining the sub-selectors.

Bracket Type Selectors

These sub-selectors, such as Bracket2SLapBKTSelectionRule.cs and Bracket3SBLSelectorRule.cs, select a bracket smart occurrence based on the number and type of supports. Each sub-selector rule provides options for selecting different bracket types, such as linear, curved, lapped, or flanged.

You can modify:

  • The selector logic determining the available bracket types.

  • Selector questions for the default bracket type and selecting optional bracket types.

  • Selector questions defining bracket flange and reinforcement placement.

Each sub-selector uses 2D symbols bulkloaded into the catalog. For more information, see Bracket Plate System Workbook and Bracket Symbols.

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