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2020 (15.0)

Comments > Reviewer

Displays a list of all comments in the model. The Comments Reviewer can be resized and placed anywhere on your screen to help maximize the Smart Review Main view area.

The Comments Reviewer allows you to:

  • See each comment and its associated attributes. Each attribute you defined when you created or edited the comment displays in the column.

  • Double-click a comment row to locate the comment in the Main view and see the associated saved comment view. The view settings saved with a comment are the levels, the eye and center point locations, and the clipping planes.

  • Right-click to open a shortcut menu to go to the currently-selected comment, go to the next or previous comment, and delete the selected comment.

  • Click the column heading to change the list order of the comments.

  • Create an .rtf or .txt file containing information on selected comments. You can use this file for comment reports.

Use the Comments Reviewer

  1. To open the Comments Reviewer, click Comments > Reviewer.
    Press SHIFT+F10
    Click Comments Reviewer on the Comments toolbar.

    The software displays the Comments Reviewer. All comments placed in the current model are listed.

  2. Because the Comments Reviewer is a separate window, you can resize and move it to a convenient location on your screen.

  3. Select a comment row and perform any of the following actions to change the Main view and go to the selected comment.

    • Double-click the comment row.

    • Press ENTER while on the comment row.

    • Right-click and select Activate.

      The software takes you to the view associated with the selected comment. If you have Comments > Display > None selected, the comment bubble does not display in the view.

      If you have Smart Review and Smart 3D open at the same time, Smart Review rotates the position in Smart 3D to the same coordinates as the Main view in Smart Review, regardless of the model that is open in each application. Therefore, we recommend that you have the same model open in both Smart Review and Smart 3D when using the Comments Reviewer.

  4. You can open the Text window (Windows > Text) to see the comment text and a thumbnail image of the associated comment view. You can select the text or thumbnail, and then right-click to copy the selection to another document. The software updates the thumbnail image each time you go to or recall a comment to show the most current view. Any changes in display settings such as background colors or wireframing are reflected in the thumbnail image. The thumbnail image is not refreshed when you are just scrolling through the comment rows in the Comment Reviewer.

  5. To access operations that you can perform in the Comments Reviewer, right-click in the grid and select the required command. For more information on the available shortcut commands, see Review Comments Shortcut Menu.

  6. To change the grid display, perform the following:

    1. Select which columns to show. Right-click the Comments Reviewer grid and click Select Columns. On the Select Columns dialog box, place a checkmark on each column to show. For more information, see Select Comments Reviewer Columns.

    2. Change the sort order of the comments. Click a column heading that corresponds to your required order. For example, click Action to change the order based on the entered action text.

  7. To delete a comment, right-click the comment row and then select Delete.
    Press DEL on the comment row.

  8. To create an external file containing specific comment information, select one or more comment rows and then right-click to select Report. Type the report name and select the file type as either .rtf or .txt. Click Save.

    The software places all column information and thumbnail images into the designated file.

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