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2020 (15.0)

The Renderer window toolbar contains commands to control the displayed image.

Save As

Saves all the objects loaded in the Renderer window to the third-party formats such as FBX, OBJ, DXF, and DAE. You can then download the appropriate third-party viewer to see the resulting file. Save As applies to all project files supported by Smart Review.


Displays and raytraces a rendered view of the model or selected objects. Click Render to update the Renderer window.

  • Press SHIFT+2 to open the Renderer window.

  • Press F5 to perform a raytrace and update the window contents.

See Refresh the Renderer Window.


Stops the current loading and rendering processes in progress. See Stop Loading or Rendering.


Stops the current rendering and freezes the contents of the Renderer window. You can then work in the Main view, make modifications and go to different locations within the model without causing the Renderer window to update.

See Lock the Current Renderer Display.


Synchronizes the Renderer window display with the Main view and starts rendering the model or selected objects.

See Unlock the Renderer Display.


Loads the data and shows any modifications you have made to the environment and model in the Main view.

See Reload.


Provides options to configure the display of the Renderer window.

See Define Performance Options.