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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

Accessories > Text Annotations > Move > Many

Relocates annotation labels or leaders. This command works the same as the Move > One command except that the command does not automatically exit after moving a single annotation. After clicking the Move > Many command, a message on the status bar prompts you to select the annotations that you want to move and then confirm your selection.

  1. Click Accessories > Text Annotations > Move and select Many.

  2. Click the annotation that you want to move; click again to accept.

    The Move Annotation dialog box appears.

  3. Edit the North, East, and Elevation values to define a new coordinate for the center of the annotation or the endpoint of the leader line.

  • If the Text Annotations command does not appear on the Accessories menu, edit the ACCESSRY.TXT file delivered with the software. For more information, see Modify the Accessories Menu.

  • You can also graphically identify a new coordinate for the annotation by clicking Select on the Move Annotation dialog box and identifying the new location. The new coordinates appear in the dialog box.