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2020 (15.0)

By default, Project Manager is an undocked window. If you prefer, you can click Dockable on the Project Manager right-click menu and drag the window to one of the edges of the Main view. Smart Review remembers this setting when you exit the application. If Project Manager is an undocked dialog box, the Arrange All command does not affect its position.

Project Manager allows you to view all parts of the model, including the project files, display sets, and the ScheduleReview project.

When using a dual-monitor configuration, do all resizing of the Project Manager window on the primary monitor, and then position the window on the secondary monitor as needed.

  • Click View > Controls > Project Manager.

  • Project Manager automatically opens to the location you placed it during a previous session. By default, Project Manager is an undocked window.

  • Project Manager displays items associated with the open model. If a model document is not open, Project Manager does not display any items.

  • You can display or hide Project Manager at any time.

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