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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)
  1. Select an object in the hierarchy tree view, or select a node.

    If you have a dense model, you can first clip the model (View > Clip Volume ) into a smaller, more manageable section that contains the objects, and then use Fit commands to make the objects more visible.

  2. Right-click to open the shortcut menu, and click Isolate Objects.

    The software removes any background images and changes the view to show only the selected objects. Isolate also applies to any objects under the selected node.

  3. Use the touchscreen or perform the following mouse operations:

    • Drag the mouse to select and rotate the isolated objects.

    • Press and hold the middle mouse button to move the isolated object up, down, left, and right.

  4. Perform required operations to examine the objects such as viewing the properties, running collision detection, modifying material assignments, creating comments, and so forth.

  5. To exit and turn off the command, right-click to open the shortcut menu and clear Isolate Objects.

    The software clears the check mark from the command and the model displays in the Main view.