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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Window > Document

Turns on or off the Document view to display any 2D drawing attached to a specific 3D model property; otherwise, the window is blank. Smart Review supports .igr, .sha, .pid, and .spe 2D drawing file types. The Document view is the default display view for 2D drawings. When you select an object in the Main view and then display corresponding properties, you can open the 2D drawing attachment for display in the Document view

2D Drawing Display

The steps below summarize how to add and then display a 2D drawing in the Document View. You can open the Document view in both Classic and Tablet modes.

  1. Attach the 2D drawing file to a selected object property using commands in Tools > Get External Data. For detailed information, see Attach and Review Drawings.

  2. Select the object containing the property associated to the 2D drawing, and then select the 2D drawing file name under property Attachments. When you select a Smart 3D graphical object in the Main view, Smart Review automatically selects that graphical object if it is in the displayed 2D drawing in the Document view, and vice versa.

    The software tiles the 2D file in the Document view and the 3D model in the Main view. You can view a 2D drawing containing multiple sheets.

  3. Right-click on the Document view to open a shortcut menu containing options to change the background color and reset the view to its original Home position.

  4. In Tablet mode, use touch controls or your mouse to move the drawing and selected drawing objects. Use the Search, Home, and Fit commands on the navigation pane with a 2D drawing.

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