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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Automatically attaches Smart 3D drawing (.sha or .pid) files to correlated or corresponding objects in the 3D model. You can then select a 3D object and display the attached drawing files.

Requirements and Considerations

  • From Smart 3D, generate the 3D model data file and corresponding 2D drawing files (.sha or .pid), and then place the drawing files in a folder.

  • Smart 3D must be the source for the .vue, .svf, or .zvf file you are using. For new models generated by Smart Review or Smart Interop Publisher, Smart 3D must be the original source file. Source files translated by Smart Interop Publisher from other applications or third-party products are not supported for auto-attach and correlation with 2D drawings. For more information on 3D models from Smart Interop Publisher, refer to the Smart Interop Publisher Online Help.

  • For SmartPlant P&ID drawing files:

    • Smart Review uses the Smart 3D name and the P&ID ItemTag as the only correlation criteria.

    • Multiple objects with the same name can cause single or multiple 2D objects to correlate to multiple or single 3D objects.

    • Nozzle objects are not correlated.

    • Smart Plant P&ID can specify ItemTag values on 2D symbols and text labels.


  1. Select Tools > Get External Data > Auto-Attach, and then select the folder containing the drawing files related to the 3D model.

    Run Open Database to select a different attachments database.

    Smart Review searches the folder and any sub-folders to find .sha and .pid files, matching object IDs in the 3D model for the .sha files, and matching Name values for the .pid files. The status bar shows when the Auto-Attach process is completed.

When the auto attachment process finishes, in both Tablet and Classic modes, click objects in the Main view, and then select Properties to see the attached file names. When you select a 2D drawing attachment in Properties, the Document View opens to display the drawing.

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