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2020 (15.0)

File > Export > Comments

Writes the comment information in the current database to another project database (.mdb) or .tag file.

  • When exporting comments to a database file (.mdb), the comments from the current database maintain their same numbering. In the instance where like-numbered comments exist in both databases, the software allows you to optionally overwrite comments in the receiving database. Otherwise, the comments from the current database are merged with the comments in the receiving database. There is no option to append exported comments to the existing comments in the receiving database.

  • Exporting to a .tag file replaces all of the comment data in the .tag file with data found in the current project.

  • The export operation does not succeed if the target database does not have the SmartPlant Review 5.0 format. The target database must be upgraded to this format prior to the exporting.

  • The .tag file format has not changed. None of the new attribute data supported in a SmartPlant Review 5.0 project is written during an export to a .tag file.

  • Smart Review does not verify data that you import or export between project databases. Smart Review assumes that all projects used during import or export activities contain equivalent model space and unit settings. Therefore, it is possible to import or export project data that is not relevant to the project that receives the data.

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